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June 2021

Weston-Super-Mare area community station Digital Hits One has launched on 100.5. (20/6/2021)

Community station GTFM has added extra transmitters for Mountain Ash on 100.2 and Aberdare on 107.1. (20/6/2021)

Community station Cando FM has added an extra transmitter for Ulverston on 107.3. (20/6/2021)

Capital FM's Chorley transmitter has moved to 102.8. (20/6/2021)

May 2021

The replacement of Absolute Radio with Greatest Hits Radio on 105.8 in London will take place on 17 May. (1/5/2021)

April 2021

The BBC has announced that the following AM transmitters will close during May and June. All are likely to switch to re-tuning advice prior to closure: (17/4/2021; updated 24/4/2021)

Northampton Community station Revolution Radio is testing on 96.1. (17/4/2021)

Community station Witney Radio has added a new transmitter for Charlbury and Woodstock on 90.2. (17/4/2021)

Community station Dean Radio has added a new transmitter for the Lydney area on 95.7. (17/4/2021)

Community station Mearns FMhas added a new transmitter for Porthlethen on 105.1. (17/4/2021)

Glasgow Community station Groove City Radio has launched on 88.6. (7/4/2021)

North East Hampshire Community station Glow Radio is testing on 106.5. (7/4/2021)

Community station Exmouth Air has changed name to East Devon Radio. (7/4/2021)

Community station Dales Radio has added a new transmitter for Leyburn on 104.9. (7/4/2021)

BBC Radio Bradford has closed and 774 AM in West Yorkshire has returned to Radio Leeds. (7/4/2021)

February 2021

Sunshine Radio's new Clee Hill transmitter is testing on 107.8, extending FM coverage to South East Shropshire and part of North Wesr Worcestershire. (28/2/2021)

The Greatest Hits Radio (GHR) AM transmitters serving Lancashire on 999, Greater Manchester on 1152 and the Leeds area on 828, together with the former GHR (now Magic) transmitter serving Humberside on 1161, will close on 30 April, with programmes finishing on 26 April. GHR is now available on FM across most parts of these areas. The future of the South Yorkshire AM transmitters remains uncertain. (28/2/2021)

Subject to Ofcom approval, GHR will replace Absolute on 105.8 in London later this year. (28/2/2021)

January 2021

North East Wales coast community station Sound Radio Wales has launched on 103.1. (23/1/2021)

St Neots community station Black Cat Radio has moved to 102.5. (23/1/2021)

Community station Seahaven FM has launched an additional transmitter for Eastbourne on 95.6. (23/1/2021)

Community station Glow Radio is preparing to launch in North East Hampshire on 106.5. (23/1/2021)

December 2020

Community station Forest FM has opened a new transmitter for Ferndown, Dorset on 98.8. (28/12/2020)

Community station Ninesprings Radio has opened a new transmitter for Chard, Somerset on 107.6, with a further transmitter for Wincanton to follow on 103.3. (28/12/2020)

From 7 December until 31 March, BBC Radio Bradford will replace Radio Leeds on 774 AM between 0600 and 1400 Monday to Friday. (6/12/2020)

Sabras Radio is testing on 91.0 in Leicester and 102.1 in Loughborough. The station also broadcasts on AM. (6/12/2020)

November 2020

Star Radio has opened a new transmitter for Haverhill on 107.9. (14/11/2020)

Greatest Hits Radio replaces The Revolution in East Greater Manchester on 16 November. (14/11/2020)

October 2020

Community station Beyond Radio has added a new transmitter for Carnforth on 107.5. (31/10/2020)

Community station Erewash Sound has added a new transmitter for Long Eaton on 103.5. (31/10/2020)

Cuillin FM is now Radio Skye. (31/10/2020)

The Smooth Radio AM transmitters in Bedford on 792 and Luton on 828 have closed. (31/10/2020; updated 14/11/2020)

Greatest Hits Radio will replace Radio Plymouth on 106.7 on 2 November and Ipswich 102 on November. It will also soon replace The Revolution on 96.2 in East Greater Manchester. (24/10/2020; updated 31/10/2020)

Scarborough Community Station Coast and County Radio is testing on 97.4. (24/10/2020)

The Smooth Radio AM transmitters in Cardiff on 1359 and Newport on 1305 have closed.. (24/10/2020)

Experimental Community Station Skylark Radio is testing on 105.8 and 107.6 in Dartmoor. (03/10/2020)

Community Station Salaam BCR is testing on 1566 AM in Bury, Greater Manchester. (03/10/2020)

Asian FX will soon replace Love Sport on 1584 AM in North London and South East Hertfordshire. (03/10/2020)

September 2020

Community station Witney Radio has added extra transmitters serving Eynsham on 105.3 and Chipping Norton on 107.4. (12/09/2020)

Community station Exmouth Air has added an extra transmitter serving the Cranbrook area on 94.6. (12/09/2020)

Community station Bro Radio has added an extra transmitter serving Llantwit Major on 100.2. (12/09/2020)

Greatest Hits Radio on 1161 AM in Humberside has been replaced by Magic (UK). (05/09/2020)

August 2020

Radio 4's long wave transmitters should continue until at least 31 March 2022, following another extension to the Radio Teleswitch Service. (31/08/2020)

Caroline Community Radio, serving Maldon and Burnham-in-Couch in Essex, is testing on 94.7. (31/08/2020)

Star Radio in Cambridgeshire has changed it's main frequency to 100.7, extending coverage to most of the county. (08/08/2020)

Coleraine Community station Coast FM will launch soon on 106.4. (08/08/2020)

Community station Cross Counties Radio, serving Lutterworth and Magna Park, will launch soon on 92.0. (08/08/2020)

July 2020

Radio Aire will be replaced by Greatest Hits Radio on 96.3 FM in Leeds on 1 September. (25/07/2020)

June 2020

Radio Scotland has stopped broadcasting on 585 AM in the Dumfries area and 810 AM in the Aberdeen area. the Dumfries transmitter is currently broadcasting a retuning message. (10/06/2020)

The following stations will be replaced by Greatest Hits Radio on 1 September: The Beach, The Breeze (except Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester), Compass FM, Dearne FM, Dream FM, The Eagle, KCFM, KLFM, Minster FM, North Norfolk Radio, Radio Norwich, Peak FM, Pulse 2, Ridings FM, Rother FM, Rutland Radio, Sam FM (South Coast and Swindon), Signal 2, Signal 107, Spire FM, Spirit FM, Stray FM, Swansea Sound, Tower FM, Trax FM, Wave FM (Blackpool), Wessex FM, Wire FM, WISH FM and Yorkshire Coast Radio. (07/06/2020; updated 31/08/2020)

The Breeze (Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester) will become The Hits in September. (07/06/2020)

Wave 102 in Dundee and Perth will be replaced by Pure Radio in July. (07/06/2020)

The remaining Absolute Classic Rock AM transmitter in Birmingham on 1152 will close. (07/06/2020)

Leeds community station, LDC Radio, will launch on 97.8 on 17 June. (07/06/2020)

May 2020

Radio City Talk in Merseyside, together with its AM transmitter on 1548, closed on 31 May. (09/05/2020; updated 7/6/2020)

On Friday 8th May, Absolute 40s will replace the regular Absolute Radio service on AM for one day only. (05/05/2020)

Jack 3 has replaced Jack 2 on 107.9 FM in Oxford. (03/05/2020)

Absolute Classic Rock has closed its AM transmitters serving Wolverhampton on 990 and Shropshire on 1017. The Birmingham AM transmitter on 1152 continues. All carried Free Radio 80s until the end of 2018. (03/05/2020)

Greatest Hits Radio will close its AM transmitter serving Coventry on 1359 at the end of June. Most parts of this area can receive the service on 105.2 FM. (03/05/2020)

April 2020

Your Radio has been replaced by a relay of Nation Radio Scotland. (10/04/2020)

Alpha Radio and Durham FM have been replaced by relays of Sun FM. (10/04/2020)

Downtown Radio in Northern Ireland has opened an additional transmitter for Newtownabbey on 103.4. (10/04/2020)

Bristol community station SWU FM is testing on 103.7. (10/04/2020)

Leicester community station Radio 2 Funky has launched on 95.0. (10/04/2020)

Torbay community station Riviera Radio has launched on 107.9. (10/04/2020)

Walsall community station Ambur Radio has moved to 99.4. (10/04/2020)

Community station Amber Sound has added an additional transmitter for Belper on 98.4. (10/04/2020)

March 2020

Community station Blackburn's 102.2 has launched. (14/03/2020)

Betar Bangla's AM transmitter in East London has closed permanently. (14/03/2020)

February 2020

The BBC has announced a timetable for the English and Welsh AM services due to close this year: (19/02/2020)

The Talk Sport AM transmitters at Exeter, Londonderry, Plymouth, Redruth (Cornwall), Redmoss (Aberdeen), Rosemarkie (Inverness) and Torbay have now closed. (15/02/2020)

Community station Caithness FM has launched on 106.5. (01/02/2020)

January 2020

The BBC has announced that the following AM transmitters will close during 2020: (18/01/2020)

Coventry community station Vanny Radio has launched on 106.3. (18/01/2020)

Romney Marsh community station Shoreline Radio has launched on 100.2. (18/01/2020)

Keynsham Town Community Radio is preparing to launch on 105.8. (18/01/2020)

The high-power long wave transmissions of Europe 1 (in French) on 183 kHz have ceased. (03/01/2020)

Community station Cumbernauld FM has launched on 106.8. (03/01/2020)

November 2019

Touch Radio, Rugby FM and Banbury Sound will join the Capital Network in early December. (23/11/2019)

York community station Yorvik Radio has launched on 94.8. (09/11/2019)

Hammersmith, London community station Nomad Radio has launched on 92.2. (09/11/2019)

Liverpool Community Radio has launched on 106.7. (09/11/2019)

Bradford community station Radio Mac has launched on 107.1. (09/11/2019)

BFBS Gurkha Radio has launched on 105.4 in Folkestone. (09/11/2019)

October 2019

Ofcom have provisionally approved closure of 7 Talk Sport AM transmitters, subject to consultation. These are at Exeter, Londonderry, Plymouth, Redruth (Cornwall), Redmoss (Aberdeen), Rosemarkie (Inverness) and Torbay. Exeter will retain daytime-only reception from the main transmitter at Washford. (26/10/19)

Smooth has replaced Connect on 97.2 and 107.4 in East Northamptonshire and 106.8 in Peterborough. (04/10/19)

Gold has replaced Smooth on 1557AM in Northamptonshire and 1332AM in the Peterborough area. (04/10/19)

Manchester community station Heritage radio has moved from 1602AM to 90.6FM. (04/10/19)

August 2019

Waterlooville, Hampshire community station The Flash, has launched on 94.3. (26/08/2019)

Community station Rhondda Radio has launched an additional transmitter serving Ferndale on 97.5. (26/08/2019)

Community station Chorley FM has closed. (26/08/2019)

July 2019

Panjab Radio and Love Sport will swap AM frequencies on 1 August, with Panjab serving all of the London area on 558 and Love Sport serving parts of North London on 1584. (26/07/2019)

Swanage, Dorset community Station Purbeck Coast Radio is testing on 101.2. (26/07/2019)

Gold will replace Smooth on 1557AM in Northamptonshire and 1332AM in the Peterborough area when Smooth moves to FM, replacing Connect. (26/07/2019)

June 2019

East London community station Revive Radio has launched on 94.0. (22/06/2019)

Radio Ceredigion has been replaced by Nation Radio. (02/06/2019)

May 2019

Glasgow community station Radio Ramadhan 365 has launched on 1530 AM. (22/05/2019)

Farnborough AM community station Radio BGWS has closed. (22/05/2019)

Leicester community station Demon FM has closed. (22/05/2019)

Bob FM will become Heart on 3 June, sharing all programmes with Heart Hertfordshire. (22/05/2019)

April 2019

Community station Revival FM has opened an additional transmitter in Glasgoow on 93.0. (26/04/2019)

Swanage community station Purbeck Coast FM has launched on 101.2. (26/04/2019)

Durham FM will replace Vintage Music Radio on 102.8 and 106.8 in the North East. (26/04/2019)

Alpha Radio will replace Vintage Music Radio on 102.6 and 103.2 in the North East. (26/04/2019)

Sabras Sound will be opening an FM transmitter serving Loughborough on 102.1 later this year. (26/04/2019)

Greenwich community station Maritime Radio is testing on 96.5. (06/04/2019)

Community station Cross Rhythms Teeside has closed. (06/04/2019)

March 2019

Star Radio has opened a new transmitter at Saffron Walden, Essex on 107.3. (30/03/2019)

Lancashire community station Radio Leyland has launched on 104.8. (30/03/2019)

Community station Winchester Radio has launched on 94.7. (30/03/2019)

Leicester Community Radio has launched on 1449. (30/03/2019)

Bauer has bought most of the local radio stations previously owned by Celador, Lincs FM group and Wireless group, together with the whole of UKRD. Wireless retains Talk Sport, U105 and its Irish Republic stations, while KCFM, Sam FM (Solent) and Breeze (Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester) go to Nation Broadcasting. The Celador, Lincs and Wireless stations are being operated as separate businesses while the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigates. The Wireless local radio business has been renamed Scala Radio. The same arrangement is likely to apply to UKRD. Thus, any mergers and rebrands will have to wait until the CMA investigations are complete. Following this, it is likely that Pulse 2 and Signal 2 will join the Greatest Hits Radio network as their formats are very similar. The Breeze network and southern UKRD stations may merge with Wave 105 (unless this also becomesGreatest Hits Radio). Adult contemporary stations in areas where Heart is not available on FM are likely to retain this format and network with Gem 106. Some stations, such as Pulse 1, may join the Hits Radio network. The CMA may require some stations to be sold on. (09/02/2019; updated 16/02/2019 and 10/03/2019)

Capital will replace 2BR on FM in Lancashire on 8 April. (10/03/2019)

February 2019

Peterhead community station Buchan Radio has launched on 107.9. (16/02/2019)

Community stations An Radio in NW Scotland and Radio Glan Clwyd in NE Wales have closed. (16/02/2019)

Rathergood Radio in the North East is now Vintage Music Radio. (16/02/2019)

Subject to Ofcom approval, Connect FM in Peterborough and East Northamptonshire will become part of Smooth East Midlands following their sale to Communicorp. (09/02/2019)

Subject to Ofcom approval, Panjab Radio and Love Sport will swap AM frequencies, enabling Panjab Radio to serve the whole London area on 558 kHz. It is unclear how long Love Sport will remain on AM for after it moves to 1584; presumably, this depends on the terms of the transmission contract. (09/02/2019)

January 2019

East Belfast community station Sunshine has launched on 107.2. (20/01/2019)

Lancashire community station Rossendale Radio has launched on 104.7. (20/01/2019)

East Lothian community station Radio Saltire has launched on 104.9. (20/01/2019)

Stockport community station Mighty Radio is testing on 107.9. (20/01/2019)

Leicester community station Radio Seerah is testing on 1575 AM. (20/01/2019)

December 2018

Absolute Radio on 105.2 in the West Midlands will be replaced by test transmissions for Greatest Hits Radio on 17 December with programmes starting on 7 January. (16/12/18)

Radio Aire 2, Radio City 2, Hallam 2, Key Radio, Metro Radio 2, Rock FM 2, TFM 2 and Viking 2 will become Greatest Hits Radio on 7 January. (16/12/18)

Free Radio 80s on AM in Coventry will be replaced by Greatest Hits Radio by 7 January. (16/12/18)

Free Radio 80s on AM in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Shropshire will be replaced by Absolute Radio Classic Rock by 7 January. (16/12/18)

Burgess Hill Community Radio has launched on 103.8. (16/12/18)

Cinderford community station Dean FM has launched on 105.6. (16/12/18)

Community station Great Driffield Radio has launched on 107.2. (16/12/18)

Rhondda Community Radio has launched on 106.1. (16/12/18)

North West Leicestershire community station Carillon Wellbeing Radio is testing on 1476 AM prior to launch on 14 January. (16/12/18)

Community station Paisley FM will launch on 107.5 on 1 Feb. (16/12/18)

Banbury Sound has opened an additional FM transmitter serving Brackley on 95.9. (16/12/18)

October 2018

The following FM transmitters transfer from Radio 3 to Radio Wales on 24/10/18:

Note that the BBC's claim that no new FM frequencies available for Radio Wales is not correct. Additional frequencies in the BBC sub-bands have been reserved for many of these transmitters since the 1980s and frequencies in these sub-bands could be found for many others. However, there is a frequency shortage in North East Wales, affecting the Llangollen transmitter, while frequencies are only available in the commercial radio sub-bands in some other areas. (20/10/18)

BFBS Brize Norton has launched in Oxfordsdhire on 106.1. (20/10/18)

Brighton Community Station Platform B has launched on 95.0. (20/10/18)

Southampton Community Station Fiesta FM has launched on 95.0. (20/10/18)

Minehead Community Station West Somerset Radio has launched on 104.4. (20/10/18)

York Community Station YO1 Radio has launched on 102.8. (20/10/18)

Oxford community station Destiny 105 is now First FM (105.1). (20/10/18)

Stockport community station Pure is now Your FM (107.8). (20/10/18)

August 2018

North East Community Radio in Aberdeenshire has closed. (26/8/18)

Juice in Brighton (107.2) is now Capital. (26/8/18)

Gaydio Brighton has launched on 97.8. (26/8/18)

Nation Radio Scotland will launch in Glasgow on 96.3 in September. (26/8/18)

Banbridge, Northern Ireland, community station Bounce FM has launched on 102.4. (26/8/18)

Yeovil community station Ninesprings Radio will launch on 104.5 in October. (26/8/18)

July 2018

Newcastle Community stations Pride Radio and Radio Tyneside have launched on 89.2 and 93.6, respectively. (21/7/18)

Belfast Community station Juice has launched on 103.8. (21/7/18)

June 2018

Community station Hailsham FM has launched on 95.9. (23/6/18)

Newbury community station Kennet Radio has launched on 106.7. (23/6/18)

SW London community station Flex FM is testing on 101.4. (23/6/18)

Dorchester community station Keep 106 is testing on 106.3. (23/6/18)

CORRECTION Absolute Radio's Sheffield transmitter (on 1233 AM) is reported to be still broadcasting. The Plymouth transmitter is reported to be now closed along with Cambridge, Dundee, Guilford, Hoo and Swindon (as listed). Hull, Wallasey and Sheffield are likely to close once the temporary closures of Moorside Edge for maintenance have ceased. Power reductions at Westerglen and Washford have also been reported. Tables will be updated once all of the changes have been made. (3/6/18)

May 2018

The Absolute Radio AM transmitter closures and power reductions have been delayed, probably until later in May. (5/5/18)

Key 103 will become Hits Radio Manchester on 4 June. (5/5/18)

Community station Andover FM has launched on 95.9. (5/5/18)

Exmouth community station Bay FM is now Ecmouth Air. (5/5/18)

Essex community station Saint FM has closed. (5/5/18)

March 2018

Love Sport has replaced Spectrum Radio on 558AM in London. (10/3/18)

NorthSound 2 in Aberdeen will close its 1035 AM transmitter on 3 April. This is because the site is being redeveloped and the broadcaster does not consider it cost effective to relocate the transmitter to the nearby Redmoss site. (10/3/18)

February 2018

Ofcom have announced that Absolute Radio's AM broadcast licence has been renewed until 30 April 2022 and that they have provisionally approved closure of 12 transmitters from 1 May, together with power reductions at a further 5 transmitters. The remaining 13 transmitters will continue unchanged.
The transmitters scheduled for closure are Redmoss (Aberdeen), Dundee, Wallasey (Merseyside and North Wales), Sheffield, Hull, Cambridge, Hoo (Kent and Essex), Guildford, Swindon, Torbay, Plymouth and Redruth (Cornwall). Aberdeen, Plymouth and Cornwall will lose AM coverage altogether, while Dundee, Hull & Grimsby, Mid Kent, Torbay and the North Wales Coast will receive only a weak signal. The remaining areas will experience severely degraded night-time reception.
Power reductions of 50% will take place at the five high power sites: Westerglen, serving Central Scotland will reduce to 50 kW. Moorside Edge, serving Northern England, will reduce to 100 kW. Droitwich, serving the Midlands, will reduce to 53 kW. Washford serving South Wales, Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire will reduce to 50 kW. Finally, Brookmans Park, serving London and the surrounding counties, will reduce to 63 kW. Daytime reception will be slightly weakened along the edges of each transmitter's coverage area, while night-time reception could be slightly improved in parts of North East England, Northern Ireland, Hampshire and Norfolk where lower power transmitters operate on the same frequency. (10/2/18)

Rathergood Radio has resumed broadcasting from new transmission sites on 102.8 in the Durham area, 106.8 in the Bishop Auckland area and 102.8 in Chester-le-Street, now served by a separate synchronised transmitter. Details of the new transmitters will be added once Ofcom have published them. (3/2/18, updated 10/2/18)

Community station Wirral Radio has closed. (10/2/18)

Community station Brick FM in St Boswells, Scottish Borders has closed. (10/2/18)

Community station Cannock Chase Radio will start testing on 94.0 in Cannock and 89.6 in Rugeley in March. (3/2/18)

January 2018

Nation Radio has added an additional FM transmitter serving Pembrokeshire on 107.1. (13/1/18)

Norfolk community station Brecks FM has closed. (13/1/18)

FM and AM transmitter names and powers have moved from the BBC Radio and Independent Radio sections to new FM Transmitters by Region and AM Transmitters by Region sections. Grid references have been added. (7/1/18)

Independent Local Radio FM and AM coverage maps have moved from the Independent Radio section to new FM Transmitters by Region and AM Transmitters by Region sections. (7/1/18)

The following BBC Local Radio AM transmitters are ceasing programming on the days indicating: Radio Devon on 1458 (9th), BBC Essex on 1530 (15th), Radio Humberside on 1485 (11th), Radio Kent on 774 and 1602 (8th), Radio Lancashire on 1557 (15th), Radio Lincolnshire on 1368 (4th), Radio Nottingham on 1584 (10th), Radio Surrey on 1368 (3rd), Radio Sussex on 1161 and 1485 (3rd), and Radio Wiltshire on 1332 and 1368 (10th). It is rumoured that the transmitters will close on 29th January. (7/1/18)

December 2017

Radio Caroline has now launched on 648 AM in East Anglia and the Thames Estuary. (22/12/17)

The 102.8 and 106.8 FM transmitters in County Durham are currently off air. (22/12/17)

Newport, Isle of Wight community station Vectis Radio has launched on 104.6. (3/12/17)

Norfolk community station Park Radio has launched on 107.6 in Diss and 105.2 in Harleston. (3/12/17)

November 2017

Radio Caroline has been testing on 648 AM in East Anglia and the Thames Estuary. (19/11/17)

Rhyl community station Point FM has closed. (19/11/17)

October 2017

Spectrum Radio on 558 AM in London will be replaced by a new talk radio service, provisionally called Spectrum Talk within the next few months. (14/10/17)

September 2017

Absolute Radio have not yet renewed their AM broadcast licence. The application deadline was 30 April 2017 and their current licence expires on 30 April 2018. (9/9/17)

August 2017

Southampton community station Awaaz FM has opened on 99.8. (14/8/17)

Community station Radio Witney has opened on 99.9. (14/8/17)

Community station Maritime Radio Greenwich has opened on 101.4. (14/8/17)

Nation Radio has opened a new transmitter for Carmarthenshire on 102.9. (14/8/17)

Great Yarmouth community station Harbour Radio has opened on 107.4. (14/8/17)

Sheffield community station Iman FM has closed on 103.1. (14/8/17)

The following BBC Local Radio AM transmitters will close in January 2018: Radio Devon on 1458, BBC Essex on 1530, Radio Humberside on 1485, Radio Kent on 774 and 1602, Radio Lancashire on 1557, Radio Lincolnshire on 1368, Radio Nottingham on 1584, Radio Surrey on 1368, Radio Sussex on 1161 and 1485, and Radio Wiltshire on 1332 and 1368. (14/8/17)

July 2017

The BBC will be extending FM coverage of Radio Wales to cover most of Wales. This will use a mixture of new transmitters and transmitters transferred from Radio 3. (8/7/17)

The Breeze will soon replace Jack FM on 107.0 in Reading (DAB will not change). (8/7/17)

Radio Caroline will soon launch on 648 AM in Suffolk and North Essex. (8/7/17)

June 2017

Alton Community station, Wey Valley Radio has now launched on 101.1. (10/6/17)

Q Radio in Northern Ireland has added new transmitters for Ballycastle on 97.6, Enniskillen on 102.1 and Maghera on 106.3. (10/6/17)

Moray Firth Radio has added a new transmitter for Wick on 96.7. (10/6/17)

May 2017

Community station, 1 Brighton FM has now launched on 101.4. (28/5/17)

Community station, Sheppey FM has now launched on 92.2. (28/5/17)

Haddenham and Thame community station, Red Kite Radio is testing on 107.2. (28/5/17)

Milton Keynes community station, Secklow Sounds, will start testing on 105.5 in June. (28/5/17)

April 2017

Peterborough Communiy Radio has launched on 103.2. (22/4/17)

Herne Bay community station, Radio Cabin, has launched on 94.6. (22/4/17)

St Neots, Cambridgeshire community station, Black Cat Radio, has launched on 107.0. (22/4/17)

Wivenhoe, NE Essex community station, Colne Radio, has launched on 106.6. (22/4/17)

Q107 has added an extra transmitter serving Larne on 107.6. (22/4/17)

Star Radio North East has been replaced by Minster FM in Northallerton and Thirsk only. (22/4/17)

February 2017

Wave 102 has replaced Heartland FM on 106.6 in the Perth area. Heartland continues in Pitlochry and Aberfeldy only. (4/2/17)

Angel Radio's FM transmitter has moved to 89.3, extending coverage from Havant to the whole Portsmouth area. (4/2/17)

Chelmsford Community Radio has launched on 104.4. (4/2/17)

Spalding community station Tulip FM has closed. (4/2/17)

December 2016

Fosse 107 has launched on 107.0 in Loughborough and 107.9 in Hinckley. This station replaces Oak FM, which closed in July. (10/12/16)

Coventry community station Panj Radio has opened on 1521 AM. (10/12/16)

November 2016

Leeds community station Radio Jcom has closed. (6/11/16)

High Wycombe community station Wycombe Sound has launched on 106.6. (6/11/16)

October 2016

Cornwall community station The Hub has closed. (29/10/16)

Herne Bay Community Radio is testing on 94.6. (15/10/16)

September 2016

Northampton community station NNBC is testing on 106.9. (24/9/16)

August 2016

Panjab Radio has moved its AM transmitter about 10 km further north to serve NE London, SW Essex and SE Herts. (8/8/16)

Lancaster community station Beyond Radio has launched on 103.5. (8/8/16)

Clitheroe community station Ribble FM has launched on 106.7. (8/8/16)

Boston community station Endeavour FM has launched on 107.0. (8/8/16)

Community station Bradford Asian Radio has launched on 1413 AM. (8/8/16)

Community station Ummah FM in Reading has closed. (8/8/16)

July 2016

Oak FM in Leicestershire (107.0 and 107.9 FM) has closed. (30/7/16)

Community station Radio Teesdale (102.1 and 105.8) will close soon. (30/7/16)

Peterborough community station, Salaam Radio, has launched on 106.2. (9/7/16)

Manchester community station, Heritage Radio, has launched on 1602 AM. (9/7/16)

June 2016

Newstalk Radio in North East Ireland has moved from 107.4 to 107.9 (Clermont Carn, 4 kW). The Dublin transmitter may move from 106.0 to 107.3 later this year. (25/6/16)

Watton, Norfolk community station Brecks FM has launched on 106.9. (11/6/16)

May 2016

Huddersfield community station Radio Sangam launches on 8 May on 107.9. (1/5/16)

Community station Radio Warrington is testing on 1332 AM. (1/5/16)

April 2016

Arrow FM, Bright FM, Splash FM and Sovereign FM in Sussex will become More Radio on 11 April. (10/4/16)

The Bee and 2BR will merge as 2BR in early June. (10/4/16)

Southend community station Funky SX has launched on 103.7. (10/4/16)

Dublin station TXFM will close by October. (10/4/16)

March 2016

London community station Voice of Africa has closed. (31/3/16)

Nation Hits has become Swansea Bay Radio. (1/3/16)

February 2016

Wolverhampton Community station Gulshan Radio has launched on 106.9. (20/2/16)

The closure date for BBC Radio Bristol's AM transmitter, and probably Smooth's Bristol AM transmitter, is 19 February. (13/2/16)

January 2016

Sheffield Community Station Link FM is due to launch on 96.7. (30/1/16)

December 2015

North Yorkshire community station Dales Radio has opened on 936 AM across the Yorkshire dales and on 104.9 in Settle and Grassington. Further FM transmitters will open on 103.0 and 104.9. (22/12/15)

Ashington, Northumberland community station Koast Radio has opened on 106.6. (22/12/15)

Thanet community station Academy FM has closed. (6/12/15)

BBC Radio Bristol's AM transmitter will close in February. It is likely that Smooth's Bristol area AM transmitter will also close as the site is being redeveloped. (6/12/15)

November 2015

Radio City 2 in Merseyside will move from AM to 105.9 FM on 7 December. (21/11/15)

Radio City Talk in Merseyside will move from FM to 1548 AM on 7 December. (21/11/15)

Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, community station Hitmix Radioh as launched on 107.5. (21/11/15)

Pocklington, East Yorkshire, community station West Wolds Radio has launched on 103.1. (21/11/15)

October 2015

Barrow community station Cando FM has launched on 106.3. (18/10/15)

Star 106.6 in East Berkshire will cease transmission on 19th October. (18/10/15)

September 2015

XFM London and Manchester will become Radio X from 21st September and share all programmes. (8/9/15)

XFM Scotland, broadcasting to Paisley and Glasgow on 96.3, will close soon. (5/9/15)

Palm FM in Torbay will become The Breeze on 21 September. (5/9/15)

Midlands community station The Bridge will become Black Country Radio on 14 September. (5/9/15)

Northern Ireland community station Shine FM has closed. (5/9/15)

August 2015

Redcar and East Cleveland community station Zetland FM launches on 31 August on 105.0. (30/8/15)

Milton Keynes community station MKFM will open a transmitter on 106.3 FM on 7 September. It already broadcast on DAB. (30/8/15)

Leeds community station Akash Radio has launched on 1323 AM. (11/8/15)

Community station An Radio has launched on 105.2 in Benbecula and 107.2 in South Uist. (11/8/15)

Community station Fuse Fm, serving Ballymoney, has launched on 107.5. (11/8/15)

Absolute Radio will replace Planet Rock on 105.2 in the West Midlands on 7 September. (1/8/15)

Ashbourne Radio will add a new transmitter for Uttoxeter on 101.8 in October. (1/8/15)

Community station Nova FM, serving Newport, Shropshire, has launched on 97.5. (1/8/15)

Community station Stafford FM has launched on 107.3. (1/8/15)

A number of AM stations receivable from other countries will close during the next few months. NOS Radio 5 (747 and 1251) and Radio Maria (675) will close on 1 September. Bayerischer Rundfunk (729 and 801) will close on 30 September. Deutschlandfunk (549, 756, 1269 and 1422) will close on 31 December. France Bleu (864, 1278, 1404 and 1494) and France Info (603, 711, 1206, 1377, 1404, 1494 and 1557) will close by the end of 2015. France Inter (162) will close at the end of 2016. A new French station, Bretagne 5, has recently launched on 1592. (1/8/15)

June 2015

Community Station, Radio Newark, has launched on 107.8. (27/6/15)

Community Station, Belfast 89 FM, is testing on 89.3. (27/6/15)

Portadown community Station, ABC, is testing on 100.2. (27/6/15)

May 2015

Smooth Radio has left AM in Berkshire and North Hampshire. (25/5/15)

Absolute Radio has closed its AM transmitter in Reading. (25/5/15)

April 2015

Galashiels community station TD1 has opened on 106.5. (11/4/15)

Community station Stafford FM will launch on 25 April on 107.3. (11/4/15)

March 2015

Jack FM South Coast, Bristol and Swindon will become Sam FM on 1 April. (28/3/15)

Southend Radio and Chelmsford Radio became Radio Essex on 23 March. (28/3/15)

Turkish Gold Radio was replaced by Panjab Radio (already available on DAB) on 1584 AM on 6 March. (28/3/15)

Cambusland and Rutherglen community station Camglen Radio has opened on 107.9. (28/3/15)

Hull community station Hull Kingston Radio has opened on 107.4. (28/3/15)

Crewe and Nantwich community station The Cat has opened on 107.9. (28/3/15)

Alderney community station Quay FM has opened on 107.1. (28/3/15)

Manx Radio has opened a new transmitter for Peel on 89.5. (28/3/15)

Radio North Angus has opened a new transmitter for Carnoustie on 107.5. (28/3/15)

East Yorkshire community station Beverly FM has opened on 107.8. (1/3/15)

Powys station Radio Hafren has closed. (1/3/15)

January 2015

Community station Indigo FM has closed. (25/1/15)

Banff, Scotland community station Deveron FM has launched on 107.4. (25/1/15)

December 2014

Premier Radio has replaced Eagle Extra on 1566 AM in Surrey. (7/12/14)

Community station Superstation Orkney has closed. (7/12/14)

From 5 Jan, Magic AM will become Metro Radio 2 in Tyneside, TFM 2 in Teeside, Viking 2 in Humberside, Hallam 2 in South Yorkshire, Radio Aire 2 in West Yorkshire, Key 2 in Greater Manchester, Radio City 2 in Merseyside and Rock FM 2 in Lancashire. (7/12/14)

November 2014

Community station IMAN FM has launched in NE Sheffield and SW Rotherham on 103.1. (16/11/14)

Keith Community Radio has launched in Moray, Scotland on 107.7. (16/11/14)

October 2014

Radio 1458 in London is now Lyca Radio 1458. Radio 1035 is now Lyca Dil Se 1035. (18/10/14)

RTE Radio 1 will close on 252 long wave on 19 January 2015. The German long wave stations on 153, 177 and 207 will also close at the end of December. (18/10/14)

August 2014

Cornwall community station Penwith FM launches on 30 August, serving Penzance on 96.5 and St Just on 97.2. (14/8/14)

Truro, Cornwall community station CHBN has launched on 100.8. (5/8/14)

Cornwall community station The Hub has launched on 106.1 in Truro and 106.4 in St Mawes and Mevagissey. (5/8/14)

The Pulse in West Yorkshire is now Pulse 1. (5/8/14)

July 2014

Penrith community station Eden FM has launched on 107.5. (13/7/14)

Anglesey community station Mon FM has launched on 102.5. (13/7/14)

June 2014

Glasgow community station Celtic Music Radio moves from AM to 95.0 FM on 1 July. (28/6/14)

Community station 7 Waves Radio is now Wirral Radio. (28/6/14)

April 2014

Real XS Scotland became XFM on 7 April. (25/4/14)

All Real Radio stations except Real XS (Manchester) become Heart on 6 May. (25/4/14)

Heart in North Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside becomes Capital FM on 6 May. (25/4/14)

March 2014

From 24 March, Smooth Radio replaces Gold on AM in Kent, Sussex, South Hampshire, Bournemouth, Plymouth, Avon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Thames Valley, Herts, Beds & Bucks, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, South Wales and Wrexham & Chester. Gold continues only in London, Manchester, Nottingham and Derby. (22/3/14)

From 24 March, Smooth Radio in the North East, North West, West Midlands and East Midlands will carry regional programmes at peak times. (22/3/14)

All Real Radio stations will soon become Heart, joining the Heart network. Real Radio Wales will split into separate stations for North and South Wales. The current Heart Wales and Hear Cymru will become Capital. (22/3/14)

Real XS in Scotland will become XFM. (22/3/14)

Reading 107 has become Jack FM (Berkshire). (22/3/14)

Jack FM Hertfordshire is now Bob FM. (22/3/14)

Sunrise Radio 2 (formerly Buzz Asia) is now Sunrise Radio. Sunrise Radio 1 and Sunrise Radio 3 (formerly Kismat) are now un-named and broadcasting test transmissions following a 'fire sale'. (22/3/14)

Community station Destiny 105 has launched on 105.1 in Oxford, replacing OX105. (22/3/14)

Community station Stroud FM has closed. (22/3/14)

Kirkcaldy community station KYFM has launched on 107.0. (22/3/14)

North Devon community station The Voice is now available on FM, using 106.1 in Barnstaple and 107.8 in Bideford and Ilfracombe. (22/3/14)

Sutton-in Craven community station Drystome FM has moved to 103.5. (22/3/14)

January 2014

Sunrise Radio is now Sunrise Radio 1. Buzz Asia is now Sunrise Radio 2. Kismat Radio is now Sunrise Radio 3. (4/1/14)

Taunton Community station Apple FM has launched on 97.3. (4/1/14)

October 2013

Choice FM became Capital Xtra on 7 October. (12/10/13)

Community station Bradley Stoke Radio in North Bristol has launched on 103.4. (12/10/13)

Community station Crystal FM in Penicuik, Lothian has launched on 107.4. (12/10/13)

Community station Irvine FM in Irvine, Ayrshire has launched on 107.2. (12/10/13)

Community station OX105 in Oxford has closed. (12/10/13)

August 2013

Glide FM in Oxford will become Jack FM 2 on 20 August. (14/8/13)

July 2013

Planet Rock has replaced Kerrang on 105.2 in the West Midlands. (28/7/13)

Sunshine Radio in South Shropshire and North Herefordshire is now broadasting on 105.9 FM as well as 855 AM. (28/7/13)

Weymouth community station Air 107.2 is now broadcasting. (28/7/13)

The American Forces Network is now longer broadcasting from Germany on 873AM. (28/7/13)

April 2013

Nova Radio in Weston Super Mare has been replaced by a relay of the Breeze (Bristol and Bath). (7/4/13)

Total Star in Cheltenham will become The Breeze on 15 April. (7/4/13)

BFBS has taken over all of the Garrison Radio stations. These transmit a mixture of local programmes and the BFBS network. (7/4/13)

Taunton community station Tone FM has launched on 107.8. (7/4/13)

December 2012

Andover Sound, Newbury Sound and Kestrel FM (Basingstoke) have merged and relaunched as The Breeze. (16/12/12)

Kestrel FM (Alton, Haslemere and Petersfield) has joined The Breeze (South Hampshire). (16/12/12)

The Bee has added a new transmitter for Chorley on 96.3 and increased power on 107.0. (16/12/12)

Fresh Radio in Skipton, South Craven, Ilkley and Pateley Bridge has been replaced by a relay of Stray FM, broadcasting on 107.8 in South Craven and 107.1 in Skipton town, Ilkley and Pateley Bridge. All AM transmitters have closed. (16/12/12)

Fresh Radio in Richmond on 102.6 has been replaced by a relay of Star FM (North East). (16/12/12)

Dune FM in Southport has closed. (16/12/12)

Somerset Community Radio station Frome FM has launched on 96.6. (16/12/12)

Garrison FM have launched a new station at Blandford, Dorset on 89.3. (16/12/12)

Oxford Community Radio station OX105 has launched on 105.1. (16/12/12)

Sittingbourne, Kent Community Radio station SFM has launched on 106.9. (16/12/12)

Spirit Radio in Ireland is now broadcasting on 549 AM to the Northern half of Ireland and parts of the UK. It has also added a trnamitter in Greystones, Bray, Wicklow on 90.1. (16/12/12)

July 2012

The BBC Radio Wales transmitter at Wennault on 103.9 has been replaced by a 40 kW transmitter at Wenvoe, serving most of South Wales. (8/7/12)

The BBC Radio Wales transmitter at Merthyr Tydfil has moved to 96.1. (8/7/12)

The Wolf, Wyre and Severn have merged and relaunched as Signal 107. (8/7/12)

Atlantic FM in Cornwall has merged with Heart Devon as Heart South West. (8/7/12)

County Sound Radio has relaunched as Eagle Extra. (8/7/12)

More FM in Swindon is now Jack FM. (8/7/12)

Bay Radio in Swansea is now Nation Radio 80s. (8/7/12)

Gold in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton and Shropshire will relaunch as Free Radio 80s. (8/7/12)

Wirral community station Flame CCR has launched on 1521 AM. (8/7/12)

Egham community station Insanity has launched on 103.2. (8/7/12)

Warminster Community Radio has launched on 105.5. (8/7/12)

Bangor, Northern Ireland, community station XLFM has launched on 107.9. (8/7/12)

Devizes, Wiltshire, community station Fantasy has launched on 97.0. (8/7/12)

Gillingham, Kent, community station Radio Sunlight has launched on 106.6. (8/7/12)

Gloucestershire community station Radio Winchcombe has launched on 107.7. (8/7/12)

Redhill and Reigate community station Susy Radio has launched on 103.4. (8/7/12)

Poole community station The Bay is now called HOT. (8/7/12)

Lancaster community station Diversity FM has closed. (8/7/12)

Meath and Port Talbot community station XS has closed. (8/7/12)

Irish community station TCR FM has launched on 92.3 in Tramore, County Waterford. (8/7/12)

November 2011

The Coast in Southern England has relaunched as Jack FM with a Rock format. (13/11/11)

Central FM and The Bee in Lancashire have merged as The Bee. (13/11/11)

Total Star in Bridgwater, Minehead, Bath and Warminster/Frome have merged with Breeze Bristol. (13/11/11)

Total Star in Swindon has become More FM (Total Star in Cheltenham remains unaffected). (13/11/11)

Rock Radio in Manchester and Glasgow has changed name to Real Radio XS. (13/11/11)

Sunshine 855 will add an FM transmitter at Woofferton on 105.9. (13/11/11)

Huntingdon community station HCR FM has launched on 104.0. (13/11/11)

Southampton community station Voice FM has launched on 103.9. (13/11/11)

Farnborough community station Radio BGWS has launched on 1179 AM. (13/11/11)

Watford community station Vibe FM has launched on 107.6. (13/11/11)

Ashford community station AHBS has launched on 107.1. (13/11/11)

Community station Lisbrun City Radio has launched on 98.8. (13/11/11)

Brockenhurst community station The Park has launched on 96.9. (13/11/11)

Norfolk community station Wayland Radio has closed. (13/11/11)

Irish community station Athlone Community Radio has launched on 88.4. (13/11/11)

Irish community station Ballyhoura Community Radio has launched on 92.6 in Charleville, County Cork. (13/11/11)


The BBC World Service transmitter covering East and South East England on 648 kHz AM has closed (01/04/11)

Heartland FM and Perth FM have merged as Heartland FM. (01/04/11)

London community station Voice of Africa has moved to 94.0 at higher power. Radio Umma has closed. (01/04/11)

South London community station Reprezent FM has launched on 107.3. (01/04/11)

High Wycombe community station Awaaz Radio has launched on 107.4. (01/04/11)

Folkestone community station Academy FM has launched on 105.9. (01/04/11)

Belfast community station Feile FM has closed. (01/04/11)

Biggleswade community station Biggles FM launches on 22 April on 104.8. (01/04/11)

Bedford community station Intobeats launches on 23 April on 106.5. (01/04/11)

Community station Marlow FM launches on 11 May on 97.5. (01/04/11)

Guildford community station Kane FM has been allocated 103.7. (01/04/11)

Watford community station Vibe FM has been allocated 107.7. (01/04/11)


Irish Christian station, Spirit Radio, launches on 27 January on 89.9 in Dublin, 89.8 in Limerick, 90.1 in Waterford, 90.9 in Cork and 91.7 in Galway. FM transmitters for 15 further cities and a national AM transmitter will be added at a later date (23/01/11)

Radio Maldwyn in Powys, Wales is now Radio Hafren. (23/01/11)

Star Radio in Bristol relaunches as Breeze on 14 February with an Easy Listening format. (23/01/11)

Coventry community station, Radio Plus has launched on 101.5. (23/01/11)

London community station (and former pirate) Rinse is testing on 106.8. (23/01/11)

Newhaven and Seaford community station Seaford FM will use 96.3. (23/01/11)

December 2010

Heart East Midlands becomes Gem 106 on 1 January. (22/12/10)

The correct frequency for Inspiration FM, Northampton is 107.8. (22/12/10)

Hertbeat is now Jack FM. (22/12/10)

The three Kiss stations will merge in the new year. (22/12/10)

East London Community Station Betar Bangla launched on 1503 AM on 26 Dec. (22/12/10)

Real Radio Wales has opened new transmitters serving Pontypridd on 102.3 and Bargoed and Blackwood on 107.3. (22/12/10)

Real Radio Wales will expand on 4 January to cover Ceredigion on 107.7, Gwynedd and Anglesey on 107.2, the North Wales Coast on 105.7, Prestatyn on 107.3, Denbighshire on 106.9, the Wrexham area on 88.0, the Welshpool area on 102.8 and Newtown and Llanidloes on 106.0. (22/12/10)

Real Radio North East has opened a new transmitter serving Sunderland on 101.2. (22/12/10)

Community station Afan FM wil become XS in January. (22/12/10)

L107 in Scotland has closed. (22/12/10)


All Smooth Radio stations in England now broadcast 24 hour national programming except for regional news and information. (31/10/10)

Capital FM will merge with the Galaxy network on 03/01/11 under the Capital FM name and format. Red Dragon FM and a merged Leicester Sound/ Ram FM/ Trent FM will also join. Local/regional programmes will be carried for 7 hours on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends. (31/10/10)

Play Radio in Southampton and Winchester and Quay FM In Portsmouth have merged and relaunched as The Breeze with an easy listening format. (31/10/10)

The two Beacon FM stations have merged. (31/10/10)

The two MidWest Radio stations have merged. (31/10/10)

The two Beacon FM stations have merged. (31/10/10)

The three Star FM stations in Durham, Darlington and Northallerton have merged. (31/10/10)

The two QuayWest stations have merged as Total Star. (31/10/10)

Bath FM, Brunel FM and 3TR have also become Total Star. (31/10/10)

Delta FM has merged with Kestrel FM as Kestrel FM. (31/10/10)

Telford FM has merged with The Severn as The Severn. (31/10/10)

Oxford's 107.9 FM is now Glide FM with a Pop format. (31/10/10)

Real Radio in North and South Wales will now be a single station once the northern transmitters open. (31/10/10)

209 Radio in Cambridge has relaunched as Cambridge 105. (31/10/10)

Radio Nova has launched in the Dublin area on 100.3 and 100.5. (31/10/10)

Manx Radio has added an extra transmitter in Ramsey on 89.5. (31/10/10)

Community station, Uckfield FM has launched on 105.0. (31/10/10)

Braintree community station, Leisure FM has launched on 107.4. (31/10/10)

Northanmpton community station, Inspiration FM has launched on 102.8. (31/10/10)

Bury St Edmunds community station, Radio West Suffolk has launched on 103.3. (31/10/10)

Basildon community station, Gateway FM has launched on 97.8. (31/10/10)

Cambridge community station, Cam FM has launched on 97.2. (31/10/10)

Bishop Auckland community station, Bishop FM has launched on 105.9. (31/10/10)

Community station, Felixtowe Radio has launched on 107.5. (31/10/10)

Luton community station, Inspire FM has launched on 105.1. (31/10/10)

East Grinstead community station, Meridian FM has launched on 107.0. (31/10/10)

Rhyl community station, Point FM has launched on 103.1. (31/10/10)

Luton community station, Radio Lab has launched on 97.1. (31/10/10)

Rother Valley, Yorkshire, community station, Redroad FM has launched on 102.4. (31/10/10)

Sandwell and West Bromwich community station, SACDA Radio has launched on 106.9. (31/10/10)

Aviemore community station, Speysound Radio has launched on 107.1. (31/10/10)

North East Birmingham community station, Switch Radio has launched on 107.5. (31/10/10)

Sutton in Ashfield Community station, Takeover Radio has launched on 106.9. (31/10/10)

Doncaster community station, Sine FM has launched on 102.6. (31/10/10)

Tamworth community station, TCR FM has launched on 106.8. (31/10/10)

Manchester community station, Unity Radio has launched on 92.8. (31/10/10)

Havering Community station, Link FM has closed. (31/10/10)

Community Radio licences have been awarded to Betar Bangla (AM, Tower Hamlets, London, Bengali), Generation Radio (AM, Clapham Park, London), Greenwich Kasopah (AM, Greenwich, London, African), Reprezent FM (South London, Youth), Rinse FM (Central London, Rhythm), Streetlife Radio (AM, Waltham Forest, London) and Susy Radio (Reigate and Redhill). (31/10/10)


Community station, Lincoln City Radio has launched on 103.6. (06/06/10)

Community station, Rossendale Radio in Lancashire has launched on 104.7. (06/06/10)

Community station, Gaydio will launch in Manchester on June 18th on 88.4. (06/06/10)

Ashbourne FM will extend coverage to Wirksworth on 101.8. (06/06/10)


Radio Plymouth has launched on 106.7 FM (only). (11/04/10)

Pennine FM in Huddersfield has closed. (11/04/10)

Sunshine 1530 in Worcestershire has closed (including the 954 AM transmitter in Herefordshire. The other Sunshine stations continue. (11/04/10)

Community Radio licences have been awarded to Safe Radio (Grays, Essex), SFM (Sittingbourne, Kent), Gateway FM (Basildon, Essex), Insanity (Egham, Surrey, Youth), Kane FM (Guildford, Surrey, Urban Music), Vibe FM (Watford, Herts, Youth). (11/04/10)

Ilkeston, Derbyshire community station, Erewash Sound has luanched on 106.8. (11/04/01)

Ramsgate community station, Academy FM has launched on 107.8. (11/10/09)


Frequency Finder UK City Lists will not be updated for the foreseeable future. Station directories, Multiplex listings and FM/AM listings by frequency will be updated later this year. (31/01/10)

Original in Bristol has relaunched as Jack FM. (31/01/10)

Thorne Moorends Community Radio has launched in Doncaster on 95.3. (31/01/10)

Dunoon Community Radio has launched on 97.4. (31/01/10)

Forest of Dean Community Radio has closed. (31/01/10)

Ummah FM has been awarded a community licence for Reading. (31/01/10)

November 2009

Club Asia is now Buzz Asia. (21/11/09)

Lite FM in Peterborough will become Connect FM in January. (21/11/09)

Birmingham community station Aston FM is now Big City Radio. (21/11/09)


Sunderland community station, Spark FM (was Utopia) will launch on 26 Oct on 107.0. (11/10/09)

Leek community station, Moorlands Radio will launch on 7 Nov on 103.7. (11/10/09)

Community station, Corby Radio will launch on 96.3 on 5 December. (11/10/09)

Kick FM has relaunched as Newbury Sound. (11/10/09)


Community Radio licences have been awarded to Marlow FM, Radio BGWS (NE Hampshire & Camberley, Nepalese), Seahaven FM (Newhaven & Seaford area), The Park (Brockenhurst, Hants) and Voice FM (Southampton, Student). (15/09/09)

Middlesborough community radio station, Community Voice FM is now on air on 104.5. (15/09/09)

NW Leicestershire community radio station, Hermitage FM will use 99.2. (15/09/09)

Alpha 103.2, Durham FM and Minster Northallerton FM have all relaunched as Star Radio, sharing programming. (15/09/09-corrected)

Swansea Bay Radio has shortened its name to Bay Radio. (15/09/09)


Radio Hampshire in Southampton and Winchester has relaunched as Play Radio. (01/08/09)

Jack FM's Wallingford transmitter has opened on 106.4. (01/08/09)

Community Radio licences have been awarded to Meridian FM (East Grinstead), Uckfield FM and Awaaz Radio (High Wycombe). (01/08/09)

Belfast community station Blast 106 has launched on 106.4. (01/08/09)

Southwold community station Blyth Valley Radio has launched on 105.0. (01/08/09)

Bolton community station Bolton FM has launched on 96.5. (01/08/09)

Walsall community station Ambur Radion has launched on 103.6. (01/08/09)

Penistone, South Yorkshire community station Penistone FM has launched on 95.7. (01/08/09)

Grampian Region community station Mearns FM has launched on 105.7 in Stonehaven, 106.2 in Inverbevie and 107.3 in Laurencekirk. (01/08/09)

Community station North Manchester FM has launched on 106.6. (01/08/09)

Manchester community station Peace FM has launched on 90.1. (01/08/09)

Argyll community station Bute FM has launched on 96.5. (01/08/09)

Dumfries community station Alive Radio has launched on 107.3. (01/08/09)

Barrhead community station Pulse FM launches on 98.4 in August. (01/08/09)

Norfolk community station Wayland Radio launches on 107.3 in August. (01/08/09)


Radio Hampshire in Southampton and Winchester has temporarily closed. (19/06/09)

Community radio licences have been awarded to Academy FM (Thanet), Academy FM (Folkestone), Radio Sunlight (Gillingham) and Rye FM. (19/06/09)

Forest Heath, Suffolk Community station Zeta FM will launch on 22nd June on 105.3. (19/06/09)

Spalding community station, Tulip Radio, has launched on 107.5. (19/06/09)

Knowseley community station, KCC is testing on 99.8. (19/06/09)

Community station, Glastonbury FM is now broadcasting on 107.1. (19/06/09)

Touch Radio in Banbury has relaunched as Banbury Sound. (19/06/09)

Leeds community station Radio JCom has been allocated 1386 AM. (19/06/09)

Inverness community station, Ness FM will not launch. (19/06/09)


Bolton Community Radio is testing on 96.5. (23/05/09)

Stonehaven Community station, Mearns FM will launch on 6 June on 105.7 and 107.2. (23/05/09)

South Yorkshire Community station, Penistone FM will launch on 6 June on 95.7. (23/05/09)

Coventry Community station, The Hillz will launch on 1 June on 98.6. (23/05/09)

Community radio licences have been awarded to HCR FM (Huntingdon), Intobeats (Bedford, Rhythm) and AHBS Community Radio (Ashford, Kent). (23/05/09)

Essex FM, Invicta, Southern, Ocean, 2CR, Marcher, Buzz, Coast and Champion will become Heart on 22 June. (10/05/09)

Valleys Radio closed at the end of April. (10/05/09)

The launch of Poole community station Aspire FM is cancelled. (10/05/09)

Community radio licenses have been awarded to Radio Lab and Inspire FM (both in Luton) and Biggles FM (Biggleswade, Sandy and Potton, Beds). (10/05/09)


KCR/ Mersey 106.7 has now closed permanently. (26/04/09)

Time 106.8 and South 107.3 in South London have closed. (26/04/09)

Pennine FM in Huddersfield (formerly Home) has closed. (26/04/09)

Valleys Radio may close if a buyer is not found. (26/04/09)

Spalding community station, Tulip Radio, has been allocated 107.5. (26/04/09)

Leicester community station, Demon FM, will launch on 4 May on 107.5. (26/04/09)

Touch FM in Banbury will relaunch under a new name on June 1. (26/04/09)


Community radio licenses have been awarded to CAM (Cambridge & Anglia Ruskin Universities), Wayland Radio (Swaffham and Warron, Norfolk) and Carolina FM (East Braintree, Essex). Future Radio's licence has been expanded to cover the whole of Norwich (30/03/09)

The two Century stations have now relaunched as Real Radio. (30/03/09)

BBC Southern Counties has split into BBC Surrey and BBC Sussex. Some programming will be shared. (30/03/09)

Barry and Vale of Glamorgan community Station Bro FM has recently launched on 98.1. (30/03/09)

Falmouth and Penrynccommunity Station The Source (originally licensed as A39) has recently launched on 96.1. (30/03/09)


Community radio licenses have been awarded to Blyth Valley Radio (Southwold), Radio West Suffolk (Bury St Edmunds), Felixtowe Radio and Zeta Digital FM (Forest Heath district of Suffolk). (28/02/09)


Abbey FM in Barrow has closed. (31/01/09)

Sandwell, West Midlands community station Raaj FM has launched on 91.3. (31/01/09)

Community station Soundart Radio in Dartington, near Totnes in Devon is testing on 102.5. (31/01/09)

Derry Community station Drive 105 is testing on 105.3. (31/01/09)

4FM in Ireland is due to launch on 27 February. (31/01/09)

All GWRs, Orchard, Fox, 2-Ten, Severn Sound, Gemini, Lantern, South Hams Radio and Plymouth Sound will become Heart on 23 March. (25/01/09)

KCR in Knowsley, Merseyside has re-opened on 106.7 as Mersey 106.7. Note that the licence expires in May/June. (25/01/09)

Plymouth FM will use 106.7, not 106.5. (25/01/09)

Community station Radio Cardiff is back on air on 98.7. (25/01/09)

Somer Valley FM, a community station for Midsomer Norton and Radstock, Somerset, is now testing on 97.5. (10/01/09)

Skipton community station, Drystone Radio, will l aunch soon on 106.9. (10/01/09)

Two Leicester community radio stations are now testing: Eava FM on 102.5 and Kohinoor FM on 97.3. (03/01/09)

December 2008

Talk 107 in Edinburgh will close on 24 December. (21/12/08)

Both Century stations will be rebranded as Real Radio in April. (21/12/08)

Boundary Sound in Newark is now testing on 102.6. (21/12/08)

Real Radio has won the North and Mid Wales FM licence. The new station will opt-out from its South Wales counterpart. (12/12/08)

Pulse Gold has changed name to Pulse 2 and no longer carrier Gold network programming. (12/12/08)

KCR in Merseyside has closed. Ofcom is in the process of revoking its licence. (12/12/08)

Grantham community station Gravity FM is testing on 97.2. (12/12/08)

Jack FM's Witney and Wantage relays are now on air, with Wallinford to follow early in the new year. All use 106.4. (12/12/08)

Port Talbot community station Afan FM has opened an additional transmitter for Neath on 97.4. (12/12/08)


Two community radio licences have baan awarded for Machester: Gaydio for the LGBT community and Unity Radio for a youth audience . (28/11/08)

Traffic Radio (Midlands) is now broadcasting on 1386 AM around the Birmingham NEC. It is already available on DAB. (28/11/08)

Canalside Community Radio in Macclesfield, Cheshire will launch on 102.8 on 4 December. (28/11/08)

Community station Vixen 101 in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire launches on 101.8 on 10th January. (28/11/08)

Dream 107.2 in Winchester will become Radio Hampshire, sharing most programmes with the current Radio Hampshire. (28/11/08)

South West Sound in Scotland is now broadcasting as West Sound FM. (28/11/08)

Community stations Trust FM, TTFM and Kool AM have lost their licences for not launching in time. (22/11/08)

The frequencies for i105-107 in NE Ireland will be Athlone 105.6, Dundalk 106.2, Monaghan 106.7, Mount Oriel 105.0, Saggart 104.7, Cavan 104.8, Capard 106.2, Birr 105.6 and Drogheda 106.2. (22/11/08)

Perth FM launched on 106.6 on 5 November. (8/11/08)

London AM community station Sound Radio has lost its licene after two years off air. (8/11/08)

Poole community station Bay Radio laucnhes on 8 November on 102.8. (8/11/08)

Broadland, both Chilterns, Hereward, Horizon, Northants 96, Q103 and both SGRs will all become Heart on 5 January 2009.

Community station, Radio Preston has launched on 103.2. (8/11/08)

Central Radio in the Preston and Chorley area has launched on 106.5 and 96.3. (8/11/08)



XFM Scotland will relaunch as Galaxy Scotland with a Dance format on 8 November. (18/10/08)

Power FM will relaunch as Galaxy South Coast with a Dance format on 22 November. (18/10/08)

Community station, Radio Hartlepool is testing on 102.4. (18/10/08)

Ripley, Derbyshire community station Amber Sound is testing on 107.2. (18/10/08)

Swansea community station Radio Tircoed will launch on 1 Dec on 106.5. (18/10/08)

Newark community station Boundary Sound will use 102.6. (18/10/08)


The following stations will become Heart over the next 18 months: Invicta, Southern, Ocean, 2CR, 2-Ten, Fox, All GWR, Severn, Orchard, Gemini, Lantern, South Hams, Plymouth Sound, Essex FM, SGR, Broadland, Both Chilterns, Horizon, Northants, Q103, Hereward, Marcher, Buzz, Coast and Champion. All have already switched to an adult contemporary format. (28/09/08)

Virgin Radio will become Absolute Radio on 29 September. (14/09/08)

Scottish station L107 has re-opened. (14/09/08)

Community station Spice FM in Newcastle has launched/tested on 98.8. (14/09/08)

Radio Nova 100 has won the Dublin classic rock licence. It will broadcast on 100.3, displacing the Today FM Three Rock transmitter to 101.8. (14/09/08)

Ivel FM and Vale FM have relaunched as Midwest Radio, sharing most programmes. (14/09/08)


Scottish station L107 has closed. (31/08/08)

Gold (Exeter and Torbay) has closed on AM; it continues on DAB. (31/08/08)

XFM Scotland will be replaced by a Galaxy station later this year. (31/08/08)

A number of former GCap stations will relaunch as Heart or Galaxy; details have yet to be announced. (31/08/08)

Virgin radio is preparing to change name. (31/08/08)

Llandudno community station Tudno FM has opened on 107.8. (09/08/08)

NE Cheshire community station Halton FM has opened on 92.3. (09/08/08)

Fenland radio has closed. (09/08/08)

Cardiff Community station Beats FM has closed. (09/08/08)

The following community radio licences have been awarded in the Midlands: Hermitage FM (Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Coalville), Cross Rhythms Coventry (Christian), The Hillz Radio (Coventry), Inspiration FM (Northampton), EAVA FM (African, Leciester), Demon Fm (Student, Leicester and Kohinoor FM (Panjabi, Leicester). (09/08/08)

The following frequencies have been allocated for the North and Mid Wales licence: 107.2 for Gwynedd and Anglesey, 107.7 for Ceredigion, 105.7 for North Wales Coast, 107.9 for Llandrindod Wells, 107.0 for Lampeter area and 88.0 for Wrexham. (09/08/08)

Three FM's Snaefell transmitter has moved from 105.6 to 106.6. (09/08/08)



Burngreave Community Radio in Sheffield has/will launch on 103.1. (22/06/08)

Bristol Community Station Ujima Radio is will launch on 98 FM on 4 July. (22/06/08)

Community Station Wired FM in Limerick has changed frequency from 96.8 to 99.9. (07/06/08)


XFM South Wales will relaunch as Nation Radio on 16 June. (31/05/08)

Sunchine 1530 is relaunching as Sunshine Gold with an oldies format, ending programme sharing with the other three Sunshine stations. (31/05/08)

The following community radio licences have been awarded in the West Midlands: TCR FM (Tamworth), Switch Radio (NE Birmingham & Solihull), Ambur Radio (Walsall), SACDA Radio (Sandwell) and Raaj FM (Sandwell). (25/05/08)

High Peak Radio opt-out Asbourne Radio for Ashbourne, Derbyshire launches on 96.7 on 26 May. (10/05/08)

Lancaster community station Diversity Radio is broadcasting/testing on 103.5. (10/05/08)

East London community station Radio Ummah is broadcasting/testing on 94.0. (10/05/08)

Hammersmith, London community station On FM is broadcasting/testing on 101.4. (10/05/08)

Stockton-on-Tees community station Cross Rhythms Teeside is broadcasting/testing on 107.1. (10/05/08)

Four community radio licences have been awarded: Amber Sound FM (Amber Valley, Notts), Erewash Sound (Ilkeston, Derbyshire), Tulip Radio (Spalding, Lincolnshire) and Takeover Radio (Childrens, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire). (04/05/08)


Catterick Garrison radio has moved from AM to 106.9 FM. (19/04/08)

Kirkby Lonsdale community station Indigo FM is broadcasting/testing on 106.6. (19/04/08)

Saltcoats, Ayrshire community station 3TFM is broadcasting/testing on 103.1. (19/04/08)

Real Radio Scotland's Penicuik relay on 103.3 is now on air. (19/04/08)

Afan FM is to add a new transmitter on 97.4 for Neath. (06/04/08)


The following community radio licences have been awarded: Rossendale Radio (Haslingden, Lancs), Canalside Radio (Bollington, Cheshire), Moorlands Radio (Biddulph, Staffs), KCC Live (Knowsley, Merseyside), Peace FM (African service, Manchester), North Manchester FM, Bolton FM, Lindum Radio (Nostalgia, Lincoln), Boundary Sound (Newark on Trent, Notts), Gravity FM (Grantham, Lincs). (29/03/08)

In NE Ireland and parts of Northern Ireland, RTE Radio 1 is now broadcasting on 87.8 and Lyric FM on 95.2 after a frequency swap at the Clermont Carn transmitter. (15/03/08)

Touch FM, Warwick will launch on 4 April on 107.3. (15/03/08)

Southend FM is testing prior to launch on 28 March on 105.1. (15/03/08)

Community station Stroud FM has launched on 107.9. (15/03/08)

Harlesdon, London, community station Life FM has launched on 103.6. (15/03/08)

Home FM is relaunching as Pennine Radio (the original name of The Pulse). (02/03/08)

Community Radio Swindon launches on 105.5 on 15 March. (02/03/08)

Enniskillen community station Vibe FM launches on 105.3 on 12 March. (02/03/08)

Wiveliscombe, Somerset area community station Radio 10 has launched on 105.3. (02/03/08)


i102-104 in NW Ireland launched on 7 February. Frequencies are 102.1 for County Galway, 103.3 for Galway city and for West County Galway, 103.7 for Central County Mayo, 103.1 for NW Mayo, 103.1 for Counties Longford and Roscommon, 104.4 for Sligo, Leitrim and South Doengal, 104.0 for West Donegal and 96.9 for East Donegal. (16/02/08)

4FM has won the Irish multi-city licence, covering Dublin area, and Counties Galway, Clare, Limerick and Cork. (16/02/08)

Wrexham community station Calon FM is testing on 105.0. (16/02/08)

Wirral community station 7 Waves will launch on 1 March on 92.1. (16/02/08)

Proud FM in Lancashire will launch as Central Radio. (16/02/08)


RTE Radio 1's 567 and 729 AM transmitters will close on 24 March. LW and FM will continue. (26/01/08)

Exeter FM is preparing to launch on 107.3 on 18 February. (26/01/08)

Community station, Superstation Orkney has launched. (26/01/08)

Community Radio licences have been awarded to Tudno FM (Llandudno), Radio Elwy/Point FM (Rhyl) and Preston FM. (26/01/08)

A number of BFBS Northern Ireland's AM transmitters on 1287 have closed or are scheduled to close. (26/01/08)

Smooth Radio North East launched on 8 January on FM and DAB. (12/01/08)

Community station Radio Teesdale has added an additional transmitter on 102.1 serving Middleton in Teesdale, Mickleton and Romaldkirk. (12/01/08)

Energy FM has added an estra transmitter at the Howe on 105.2 serving Port Erin. (12/01/08)

Glasgow community station Celtic Music Radio launches on 1530 AM on 16th January. (12/01/08)

Exeter community station Phonic FM launches on 106.8 on 15th February. (12/01/08)

December 2007

Worcester community station Youthcom is testing on 106.7. (16/12/07)

Smooth Radio North East will not now use a separate transmitter for Darlington. Instead, the power of the Eston Nab transmitter on 107.7 has been increased to 5 kW to extend coverage to Darlington. (9/12/07)

City Talk in Liverpool is now testing on 105.9 for a 28 January launch. (9/12/07)

XFM South Wales launched on 29 December on 106.8, 107.3 and the Severn Estuary DAB multiplex. (9/12/07)

The launch of Diamond FM in Plymouth is cancelled. Ofocom has readvertised the FM licence. (9/12/07)

Dewsbury community station Branch FM has launched on 101.8. (9/12/07)

Maldon, Essex community station Saint FM has launched on 94.7. (9/12/07)

New FM frequencies for BFBS Northern Ireland will be 101.0 for Holywood, Belfast; 106.5 for RAF Aldergrove, Crumlin; and 107.5 for Ballykinlar. (9/12/07)

Cornwall community station Radio St Austell Bay is launching on 105.6. (9/12/07)

Stourbridge community station The Bridge is testing on 102.5. (9/12/07)

Halifax community station Phoenix Radio launches on 96.7 on 10th December. (9/12/07)

It is rumoured that Sunshine 855 in Shropshire may move to FM in Spring 2008. (9/12/07)


Smooth Radio North East has started testing. The Eston Nab transmitter, serving Teeside will use 107.7. (25/11/07)

Community station BRFM in Brynmawr (South Wales) is launching on 97.3. (25/11/07)

Radio JCom has been awarded an AM community radio licence for Leeds. (25/11/07)

Orkney community radio station, the Superstation, will launch at high power on 105.4. (25/11/07)

Original 106 Aberdeen's main transmitter on 106.8 covers all of East Grampian from Durris at 20 kW. There is also a low-power relay on 106.3 at Redmoss, Aberdeen. (11/11/07)

Anna Livia in Dublin has changed name to Dublin City FM. (11/11/07)

Real Radio Scotland is planning to add a Penicuik relay on 103.3. (11/11/07)

Sunshine FM in Hereforshire will use 106.2 for its main transmitter at Ridge Hill and 107.8 for a relay at Leominster. (11/11/07)

Sunshine FM in Monmouthshire will use 107.0 for Monmouth and 107.8 for Abergavenny. (11/11/07)


Original 106 Aberdeen is testing on 106.8. (28/10/07)

Coverage of BBC Radio Bristol's Mendip transmitter on 95.5 will be restricted to Somerset only from 12 November. Somerset Sound programming will be carried from 3 December. (28/10/07)

Five FM in Northern Ireland has added a transmitter for Kilkeel on 101.1. (28/10/07)

Newry community radio station IUR FM is testing on 101.4. (28/10/07)

Community radio licences have been awarded to Radio Hartlepool, Bishop FM (Bishop Auckland), Catterick Garrison FM and Drystone Radio (South Craven, Yorks). (28/10/07)

A new BBC Radio Bristol transmitter, serving Weston-Super-Mare is testing on 103.6. (14/10/07)

The following community radio stations are preparing to launch: 209 Radio (Cambridge) on 105.0, Radio Cardiff (formerly Beats FM) on 98.7, Pendle Community Radio (Nelson) on 103.1, Sheffield Live on 93.2 and Seaside Radio (Withernsea on 105.3) . (14/10/07)

A new BBC Radio Bristol transmitter, serving Weston-Super-Mare is testing on 103.6. (14/10/07)

Winchester station Win FM has relaunched as Dream 107.2. (07/10/07)

XFM South Wales will now launch on 29 November. (07/10/07)

Jack FM will be using 106.8 for its main transmitter and 106.4 for the relays. (07/10/07)


Birmingham community station Aston FM is launching on 89.1. (22/09/07)

Community station Salford City Radio is launching on 30 September on 94.4. (22/09/07)

Aberdeen community station SHMU FM is launching on 20 October on 99.8. (22/09/07)

Community Radio licences have been awarded to 3TFM (Stevenston, Saltcoats and Ardrossan, Ayrshire), Spice FM (Newcastle, Asian), Utopia FM (Sunderland, Student) and Community Voice FM (Middlesbrough). (22/09/07)

Rugby FM is changing its name to Touch Radio. (09/09/07)

CTR FM in Canterbury is changing its name to KM FM. (09/09/07)

GWR FM has added a new relay for Weston-Super-Mare on 103.0. (01/09/07)

Belfast community station Feile FM has launched on 103.2. (01/09/07)

Southall, London community station Westside radio has launched on 89.6. (01/09/07)


Radio Cleveland has now been renamed BBC Tees. (19/08/07)

Ashton-under-Lyne community station Tameside Radio launches September on 103.6. (12/08/07)

Community station Radio Scilly launches 3rd September on 107.9. (12/08/07)

London community station hayes FM launches 1st September on 91.8. (12/08/07)

Tay FM has added a relay at Tay Bridge on 96.4. (12/08/07)

The Saint in Southampton has relaunched as Radio Hampshire. (03/08/07)

London community station Voice of Africa is testing on 94.3. (03/08/07)

Norwich community station Future Radio launches on the 6th on 96.9. (03/08/07)

Ipswich Community Radio is testing on 105.7. (03/08/07)

Castle Vale Community Radio in Birmingham have abandoned their launch and returned their licence to Ofcom. (03/08/07)


Capital Gold and Classic Gold will relaunch as "Gold" on 3 August at 1900. (28/07/07)

Lincoln community station, Siren FM, will launch on 11 August on 107.3. (28/07/07)

Midlothian Community Station, Black Diamond, has launching on 107.8. (28/07/07)

Q103 has added a new transmitter at Haverhill on 97.4. (28/07/07)

Cuillin FM on Skye has opened a new transmitter on 102.7 serving the whole of Skye. (28/07/07)

Irish regional station Spin South West has launched on 102-103 and 94.7. Full transmission details are unknown. (28/07/07)

Plymouth Community Station, Cross Rhythms, has launched on 96.3. (28/07/07)

KCFM in Hull will launch on 1 August on 99.8, not 99.9. (14/07/07)

Licences have been awarded to community stations Mearns FM (Stonehaven), Brick FM (St Boswells, Borders), Dunoon Community Radio, Celtic Music AM (Glasgow), Pulse FM (Barrhead, near Glasgow), Lisburn City Radio and Belfast Student Radio. (14/07/07)

BigL is rumoured to be taking over the Netherlands 675 AM channel vacated by Arrow Classic Rock, which is receivable over most of Eastern England. (07/07/07)

Community station Radio Verulam in St Albans is launching on 92.6. (01/07/07)


Minster Nortallerton FM (licensed as BTN FM) has launched on 103.5 and has taken over the 102.3 transmitter in Thirsk. (17/06/07)

Licences have been awarded to community stations Drive FM (Derry), Speysound Radion (Badenoch & Strathspey), BFBS Aldergrove and Antrim FM, BFBS Ballykinler FM and BFBS Holywood FM (all Northern Ireland). (17/06/07)

Pontypridd community station GTFM will move to 107.9 shortly to make way for XFM. (17/06/07)

Community station Shine FM in Banbridge, Northern Ireland has just launched on 102.4, while Phoenix FM in Halifax will use 96.7. (17/06/07)

Cork Campus radio has moved to 98.3. (17/06/07)


Community station Hope FM in Bournemouth has just launched on 90.1, while NE1 FM in Newcastle is about to launch on 102.5. (29/05/07)

The South Wales 106.8 and 107.3 FM licence has been awarded to XFM. (13/05/07)

Community Radio Licences have been awarded to Alive Radio (Dumfries), Bute FM (Isle of Bute), Jubilee FM (North and South Queensferry), Ness FM (Inverness), Star FM (North Down and Ards) and Vibe FM (Enniskillen). (13/05/07)

BBC Radio Bristol's 94.9 FM transmitter has just moved to the Dundry site, extending coverage to most of Avon. It is extremely likely that the main transmitter at Mendip on 95.5 will be handed over to BBC Somerset Sound (currently on AM only) within the next few weeks. (06/05/07)


GCap are buying Classic Gold. It will be merged with Capital Gold. (29/04/07)

The Irish Christian radio licence has been awarded to Spirit FM. It will launch on 612 AM nationally with FM transmitters serving Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford cities. There are plans to add 2 further AM and 15 further low-power FM transmitters later. (22/04/07)

Community stations Radio Teesdale (Barnard Castle, 105.5), Life FM (Stonebridge, London, 107.6) and Leith FM (Edinburgh, 98.8) are now on air. (22/04/07)

Radio Jackie in SW London and N Surrey has had a major power increase to 0.8 kW. (22/04/07)

Classic Hits in Hereford and Worcester is relaunching as Sunshine. (03/04/07)

Belfast station City Beat is adding a relay at Carnmoney Hill on 102.5 to improve reception in the North Belfast area. (03/04/07)

The BBC Network radio transmitter at Fort Augustus in the Highlands is finally on air. (03/04/07)

Bristol community station BCFM has launched on 93.2. (03/04/07)

Luton community station Diverse FM will use 102.8. (03/04/07)

Community station NuSound is now broadcasting to the Forest Gate area of London on 92.0. (03/04/07)

Community Station Insight Radio (bid as VIP on air) has launched on 101.0 in Glasgow. (03/04/07)


BBC Radio Cleveland will be renamed BBC Tees later this year.(11/03/07)

West Hull Community Radio are testing on 106.9.(11/03/07)

Wolverhampton Community Radio will launch on 101.8 on 30 March.(11/03/07)

BCR in Bridgwater has been renamed Quay West. (04/03/07)

Cheshire FM is due to launch on March 19th on 92.5. (04/03/07)

Reported future community radio frequencies are 105.4 for The Superstation (Orkney), 97.2 for Radio Reverb (Brighton), 96.3 for Cross Rhythms Plymouth and 105.3 for Seaside Radio (Withernsea). (04/03/07)


Community stations opening in March include Oldham Community Radio on 99.7, Asian Fever (Leeds) on 107.3, Asian Star (Slough) on 101.6, Afan FM (Neath & Port Talbot) on 107.9 and Angel Radio (Isle of Wight) on 91.5. (25/02/07)

Fresh Radio will use 107.8 for Skipton. (25/02/07)

Community station Chelmsford Calling has closed after only 8 weeks on air. (25/02/07)

The Manchester 106.1 FM licence has been awarded to Rock Talk. (11/02/07)

The Hereford and Worcester licence has been awarded to Classic Hits. (11/02/07)

Fresh Radio are using 107.1 for Ilkley and Pately Bridge. (11/02/07)

BBC Radio Devon's 855 AM service in Plymouth will temporarily close to make way for DRM tests. (11/02/07)

River FM has closed. (11/02/07)

The Beach has added an extra transmitter in Great Yarmouth on 97.4. (11/02/07)

The Saga stations will be renamed Smooth Radio from 26th March. (04/02/07)


Fresh will move to FM in Richmond on 11/2/07. The frequency is 102.6. Ilkley and Pately Bridge transmitters are scheduled to open on the 18th and 25th. Corresponding AM transmitters will close within a few weeks of the FM transmitter opening. (28/01/07)

Bantam/ Touchdown Radio on 1566 AM in Bradford has closed, with the relevant content now carried on BCB. (28/01/07)

The Aberdeen licence has been awarded to Original FM. (21/01/07)

The first two second round community licenses have been awarded to 10 Radio (Wivelisocmbe, Somerset) and Stroud FM. (21/01/07)

Nottingham community station Kemet Radio (formerly NBC) has launched on 97.5. (21/01/07)

Community Radio Youghal has moved to 104.0. (21/01/07)

London area community stations Hayes FM, Life Fm and NuSound have been allocated 91.8, 103.6 and 92.0, respectively. (21/01/07)

Garrison Radio has moved to FM in Aldershot on 102.5 and Salisbury Plain on 106.8. (04/01/07)

Brentwood community station Phoneix Radio has been allocated 98.0. (04/01/07)