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Welcome to Frequency Finder, a website providing details of all UK and Irish radio stations and features on radio transmission and history. All listings include frequencies, coverage areas, format and ownership. Transmission details, historical notes and maps are also included. A range of links completes the site. The site redesign is intended to simplify navigation and make it easier to maintain. Out-of-date content has been removed.
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BBC Radio Stations
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Independent Radio Stations
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Irish Radio Stations
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DAB Multiplexes and Radio on Digital TV
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FM Stations in Frequency Order
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AM Stations in Frequency Order
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Digital Updates
Last entry 25/5/2015
FM and AM Updates
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Technical Features Help
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includes how DAB works, sound quality, reception and other digital radio
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Finding More FM Frequencies for Community Radio (PDF - NEW)
AM radio in Other Countries (PDF - UPDATED)
Reception advice (PDF)
Unlisted stations (PDF)
Station Type Colour Codes (PDF)
Contact Frequency Finder
Radio History Frequency Finder Opinion
History of Radio Transmission (PDF)
Radio 1 Transmission History( PDF)
Classic Radio 1 Schedules(1967-2004, PDF)
Virgin Radio Launch (PDF)
Eduational Radio: The BBC's Virtual Fifth Network (PDF)

The future of DAB
The future of FM
The Future of AM Radio (PDF - UPDATED)
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